1/2 Mile Race1000 Germany results / video, 6870 Speedtech


Feb 27, 2017
i wanted to share my results which i have done so far this year.
Unfortunately, I couldn't beat my personal record (284kmh / 176.57mph) from last year.
in the video the best and first run was 282kmh / 175mph. after this first run i had problems with lambda and trims. I think the newly installed NTK lambdas was burned directly during the first run. afterwards it was no longer possible to accelerate completely. every time i had to take off the gas in the middle of 5th gear. hope the results will be better at the next event.

in case you're wondering what happened at 3:00. (first run) here my roof cover blew off. we had to build a temporary cover on site that we can continue driving (you can see it in the video at the beginning). holds better than the one bevor XDXD

Video Link: